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June 24, 2022

When beginning a project, there are many different components and elements to consider. If you are going to be developing a new home or commercial building, it will be both an exciting and possibly overwhelming time, as you deliberate all of those important pieces that must come together in creating the plans for your dream project. The most obvious route to take is to employ an architect and an interior designer from the onset of the project.

An architect can come through and present your vision in the form of plans- this is the big picture concepts for your project. An architect is licensed and carries the responsibility in making sure that the structure and design of your home is safe and optimized for the land, taking into consideration any environmental impacts and of course sustainability. When it comes to internal finishes, detailing and other important elements of design that is where an Interior Designer comes in. Our team also serves as a liaison between the developer and architect developing floor plans, specifying interiors and furnishing the homes.

Donna Johnson’s inspirations are drawn from diverse variety of incredible architecture from coast to coast, European and Far Eastern influences including everything from high fashion runways to worldwide travels. As an interior design firm, we evaluate the floor plans and make changes to interpret the needs of the clients. Passionate about detail, Luxury Designer is able to work with clients on bringing the elements together for their interior, to ensure that their project looks and feels the way that they have been dreaming about.

Kitchen cabinetry, the use of wall and flooring finishes, bathroom specs, lighting, paint color selections… The list rolls on- these selections can have huge impacts on the overall success and the difference between ordinary and amazing projects. At times clients are not entirely confident in making these decisions without the advice of an experienced and professional designer. Luxury Designer takes it one step further and provides renderings for each room in the home. Most clients cannot understand the drawings but the renderings bring the rooms to life. It allows the client to evaluate their decisions and make sure they are completely happy with all the selections. “Let us design the life you love”

I believe that when an interior designer works with an Architect, it should be a collaborative approach. An experienced designer should be able to complement the work of an architect, forming ideas around both the client’s and architect’s vision and goals for this project. This pertains to commercial as well as residential projects.

Whilst both teams are working together with the client on the project, I have the following tips on ensuring that this collaborative approach works effectively for all parties involved, but most importantly- for the client:
1 Ensure that both the architect and interior designer offer mutual respect to one another
2 Both the designer and architect must be on the same page when it comes to the overall design aesthetic and style of the project.
3 Boundaries and roles are clearly defined within the scope of works
4 Be open to suggestions and constructive feedback
5 Ensure that everyone feels comfortable openly communicating with one another
6 Be open to new ideas and viewpoints that you may not normally consider or explore.
7 Luxury Designer’s team practices a philosophy of collaborative design and principal attention to design spaces that are tailored to our client’s style, lifestyle, personalities and demographics.

Luxury Designer demonstrates incredible vision and creative execution to present the most sophisticated interiors for our elite clientele including “A Listers” of entertainment, sports and Fortune 500 executives. From conception to completion right to the last great accessory, Luxury Designer is a full-service design firm. If you are contemplating a new commercial or residential project, let Luxury Designer bring your vision to fruition.

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